Monday, June 19, 2017

Closing up shop

Friday was our last day of work before the move. We said some tough goodbyes to the places we've worked for the last six years.

It was definitely a very weird feeling walking out of there for the last time. A lot of mixed emotions - both sadness and excitement. (Mom - let me know if you have that picture you took of me outside of here six years ago).

Eric's last day at the Navy Yard.

I worked a very short day and was able to come to Leesburg just in time for Katie and the girls to arrive. We met up and ran a couple errands around town.

When we got back to the house, mom got home and went to work prepping so much good food for us!

I got to cuddle with this one for a while after her nap. I absolutely loved getting some quality time with her. Every day she just gets sweeter, more adorable, and has more personality. They are both at such fun ages right now.

That afternoon we took a walk to the park up the street.

Eleanor took the photo below - great job!

E asked me to put a bun in her hair like mine.

It was soooo much cuter on her! The "Antelope" bun.

We had to put one in sweet Jane's hair too.

My favorite ladies <3

Eleanor spent a lot of time having pretend conversations on the phone. Can't you see her at 16 years old?

Katie realized it was free smoothie day at Tropical Smoothie - we had to go!

Uncle Benny came over later that afternoon too. Just in time for some delicious ribs for dinner and cake for dessert - thanks mom!

The next morning we took my dad out to breakfast for father's day. We even got to meet his new puppy!

Double chocolate pancakes for dad.

We had a great time reminiscing over stories of some of the things dad did for us. There was the one time I missed my flight to Kentucky and he drove me the whole 9 hours to school then turned around and drove all the way back, then there was all the SAT prep, hockey practices, etc. Oh, the things our parents do for their kids.

After breakfast we went to the community pool, which is always a good time in the summer.

The girls had a blast. Even Jane warmed up to the water quickly.

It was still overcast in the morning so it was still a little chilly at times.

As the morning went on, the sun started making more of an appearance. We had to take advantage of the water slides.

Jane went down one of the "bigger" slides and did such a great job! She had so much fun and ended up wanting to do it over and over again.

The lazy river is always one of my favorite activities at the pool. Eleanor even got her own tube this time. I still can't believe how much they're growing! Way too fast.

Three hours at the park - time to go home!

We played some games outside and then Uncle Eric helped Eleanor set up her necklace shop downstairs.

Mom and Dave prepared a great dinner - can't ever go wrong with burgers and dogs :)

This one didn't get a nap and was out 5 minutes into dinner.

Finally it was time to say our goodbyes. I got a little emotional knowing the next time I would be seeing them I would be living in California. But Katie and her crew, and my mom already have a trip planned out at the end of July, which I'm SO excited about. And I already have a couple other trips planned throughout the rest of the year, which definitely helps.

When I told Eleanor I was going to miss her she said "It's okay, I'm going to come visit you." So true girl, love your perspective. I could learn a thing or two from that 3 year old.

The next day on Father's Day we went to spend time with Eric's parents. We had his favorite meal of meatloaf and spent time finally mapping out our route for the road trip.

We honestly had such a fun weekend with everyone. We have the best, most amazing, supportive, loving family. We are very, very lucky. And a special thank you to our dads, and all the other fathers our there - happy Father's Day!

Today we have cleaners coming, some last minute things to tie up, and our final walk-through in the afternoon. We plan to take off on our journey out west after that! We are thinking we will arrive in San Diego on Saturday the 24th. Our internet is now shut off, so you probably won't see another post from me until we have internet set up in CA. Other than my grandparents being our halfway point, we have a rough idea of where we want to stop along the way but we're just going to take it day by day and decide as we go :) We are really excited! I'll give another update as soon as I can. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

All Packed Up

This past Friday after work our ZippyShell (pod) arrived! We were a little unsure about how large it would be out on the street but it ended up being the perfect size.

We already had boxes lined up ready to go out.

We got a couch and a few boxes in that afternoon but figured we would do most of the heavy lifting on Saturday. We were already pretty tired after a long week of work.

We got organized to start back at it early the next morning.

The next morning my mom was so nice to come out and help with our first full day of loading up the pod.

Mom and I spent time packing boxes inside as Eric hauled them out to the truck. It was so great to spend some quality time with her, even though we were putting her to work.

With everything out of the closets, drawers, storage unit, attic - there was still a lot to sort through.

Mom also spotlessly cleaned our oven for us :)

Making good progress!

Out in front of our first home together.

The next day, Sunday morning, Eric's parents came over to help out for a couple hours as well. Eric is a really good packer. He will keep moving things around Tetris-style until everything fits and makes sure the weight is distributed the way it should be. He has done a lot of moving, whether it's himself or helping someone else out.

But he learned his packing skills from his dad. These two are pack masters.

By noon we were pretty much all loaded up. Eric's parents left and we had a few other odds and ends to go through in the house that afternoon.

Hangers - the struggle.

Getting there but still lots to do.

After another trip to Goodwill and a lot more cleaning/straightening up, our final box was packed up at about 9 PM Sunday night. Just in time, the pod was scheduled to be picked up the next day while we were at work.

Next time we see all this stuff, we'll be in San Diego!

By the end of the day we were beat. We blew up our air mattress and enjoyed relaxing and watching a movie.

Monday when we got home from work, the pod was gone. This week is full of pulling weeds, washing windows, taking nails out of the walls and spackling, lots of cleaning, and getting Eric's car ready for the drive out. I can't believe this Friday is our last day of work here. We're looking forward to spending more time with family this weekend!